What started as three good friends getting together over a pint in the sun, to chuck around anticipated joy of the NPPF being released; turned into gentle mayhem when Planning in the Pub was born in 2012. Liane along with Chris Bowden and Jo Chambers hosted the first expanded gathering on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year, inside possibly the darkest pub in London.

The agenda was simple: let’s talk about planning, whilst in the pub. The gathering constituted a discombobulated mix of local authority planners, architects, social entrepreneurs, surveyors, environmental scientists, urban designers, lawyers, journalists and a couple of councillors. There was no shortage of debate…..or beer. With a hashtag – #planoraks – more people were able to chime in remotely. We decided that we needed a method for measuring social viability, the NPPF held no surprises but much greyness, that more films have been made about town planning than you realise…and that we needed to do this again

Planning in the pub is a very open, informal and friendly affair. You don’t have to be a planner to do planning in the pub and that’s the underlying point of it all really.


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