one year older

It’s been quite a year for planning and also a year ago that Chris, Jo and I got together over a beer to talk NPPF. Now there are over 60 planoraks in our group and almost 350 following us @planninginpubs (including Phil Skill himself!)

Clearly planners don’t get enough beer…

It’s been as fun as it has been informative. We unearthed rock careers and started a romance. We’ve discovered “sprayplan” as an innovative consultation technique and you’ve liked giving us your favourite films and songs about town planning A LOT – #filmsabouttownplanning #songsabouttownplanning

So join us at the Cittie of Yorke, Holborn on Tuesday 21st May for some chips and more beer to reflect on a year of NPPF and also plot our film festival in the summer.

A massive thanks to Adam Branson (and Hansom) for a noble shout out for our birthday bash in Building Magazine!


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