batman & beer

Mend and St Clements Social Club proudly present the 1st Planning in the Pub Film Festival 2013 on Tuesday 23rd July powered by Rucksack Cinema.

This forms part of the lead up to the Shuffle Festival being curated by Danny Boyle and you can find the full programme here.

Join us for an exclusive showing of Batman (1989) and view Gotham City in all its haunting and malevolent glory, within the atmospheric setting of St Clements Hospital, Mile End (Mile End, Bow Road tube) a venue that has its own fascinating history.

Batman is a classic favourite of urbanists, planners and architects alike. The fictional architects and planners who created the dark and majestic gothic forms portray a city battling with its own demons. Gotham City is as much a character in the film as it is a striking backdrop. Its form and structure mirrors the emotional, political and a social struggles of Batman, his allies and enemies, and the people of the City who are all trying to shape its destiny and make their mark on its streets.

The graphic novel tradition is a uniquely urban art form and its stylised depiction of city and urban life has strongly influenced the treatment of cities on film. Gotham itself was modelled on many existing cities such as New York. It was designed “as an organic whole, almost a living being that would itself fight against evil. Gargoyles to frighten people onto the path of righteousness; rounded edges to confuse malevolent beings; thick walls to lock in virtue.”

This is an advance ticket only event and you can book your ticket(s) here for £10 each (incl. VAT).


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